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Finding the right telephone solution for your business

Your telecommunications system is a major investment that should be able to grow with the company to ensure continuously the best service to your customers. We understand that choosing a telephone system adapted to your company is going to be a big and difficult decision. So, you must know which system will suit your business best!

Our dedicated team of experts will provide you with all the information and advice that you need, so that you will be able to make a well informed decision on the right communication solution for you.
Which solution is best for you?

Telephone Systems to suit your business...

A Telephone system is at the very heart of your business. It is the port that allows communication between yourself and your customers. Without one, your business simply would not work...

So, when choosing a telephone system, you need to be aware of which system will work best for your business.

Things to consider when buying a new Telephone System...

In order to choose the right phone system for your business, there are various factors that you should consider. Here at 3Sixty Networks we offer a broad variety of top of the range telephone systems, each with their own unique telephone system features and overall advantages to well-suited businesses.

We've listed some of the key factors to consider, below, to give you an idea of what to look for in a system:

3Sixty Networks offers great value packages on telephone maintenance cover, that will be generally cheaper than a single call out to an engineer, if you are not covered.

  • "How many of my staff are using phones?"
    Will determine the number of telephone lines and extensions that you will need.
  • "How fast is my business growing?"
    It is important that you take this into consideration, especially for relatively new businesses as you will want to buy a telephone system that your company will not rapidly outgrow.
  • "What is my budget?"
    There are many different types of phone system available, some more advanced than others. If you are looking for a system with a large number of extensions and premium features such as 'out of hours', Audio Marketing and Voicemail, you should be prepared to spend slightly more money than if you were buying a basic system.
  • "Would my business benefit from phone features?"
    Although many phone systems come inclusive of basic features, such as 'hold', 'transfer call' and 'call divert', there are many other features that we offer with our systems that you might consider to be beneficial to your business. These include automated attendant, call recording, voicemail, audio marketing (AMS) and many more.
  • "Do my staff need to be accessible at any time, wherever they are in the office?"
    If your staff are always on the move, you will most likely benefit from a DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone) solution. With a DECT phone handy, you will be able to contact your staff, wherever they are in the office.
  • "What level of maintenance cover do I need?"
    It is always a good idea to be covered against the unimaginable. If your telephone system fails you are going to be left without a port of contact, meaning you will not be able to contact customers and more importantly, customers will not be able to contact you.

Still Unsure?

If you are unsure about any of the listed factors, don't fret...

Call us now and one of our friendly expert engineers can arrange a FREE site survey, where we can confirm all of your telephony needs.

So, whichever telephone system you choose, we will ensure that it is the right one for your business.

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