Partner Services

Our Partner Service is a tailored for organisations that require a local presence throughout Ireland. We provide back to back support contracts, break fix and engineer resource on ad hoc basis. We work with and on behalf of some of the biggest companies in the world. Brands such as ASDA, TESCO, TK Maxx, VISA and various other will known companies.

We understand that any company can provide services and why would you partner with 3Sixty Networks

Why 3Sixty?

  • Local Presence (We have local presence to deliver services for you directly)
  • Communication (Our state of the art support desk application will allow us to always be on top of your request 24/7 365)
  • Expertise (We have installed 1000s of solutions for National companies and we have the experience and expertise to deliver every time)
  • Pride (We take great pride in everything we do and all our staff have the same ethos)
  • Perfect Partner ( We have tailored our business to deliver services to National companies. This ensures we provide your business with quality craftsmanship and peace of mind that the service is being delivered at the right price)


How does it work?

  • We listen to your requirement.
  • We tailor your requirement to our Service Desk Solution
  • We propose a process procedure
  • You confirm the process procedure
  • We implement the process procedure and continue to monitor our service and your expectations.
  • We review the service after the first month and make appropriate changes if required.
  • After that relax in the knowledge that your business has found the perfect local partner


Our Clients