Network infrastructure is the foundation of any solution in the communications world and without the right infrastructure it is completely pointless having the best hardware.

This would be like putting a set of tractor wheels on a formula one car.

The day when a network just provided service for computers is no longer and the ability to provide EPOS, Voice, Video, Building management and CCTV is the requirement for companies today. This problem requires more than just cabling and with 3Sixty Networks we not only look at the speed required, bandwidth required, security and numerous other elements. We understand the most important element is the user experience.    

3Sixty Networks design, install and configure wired and wireless solutions throughout the UK and Ireland. This can range from a simple Copper based solution such as telecom cabling, Cat5, Cat6 to a multi core fibre back bone or even a wireless solution for your staff and guests.

All networks are designed and certified and we only use quality manufactures such as Excel, Brand Rex, Krone and Molex.

Wireless Solutions

The versatility of the communications mediums and the popularity of BYOD have excelled the wireless market and with new technologies allowing speeds of up to 1.3gbps this market is moving almost as fast as the proposed speed. But the benefits of a always on solution can bring challenges that you may not have even considered.

  • Coverage
    An obvious requirement but ensuring the solution is not conflicting with existing wireless transmitters is often overlooked.
  • Security
    Wi-Fi is always broadcasting by default and can provide an opportunity for an attacker to exploit your network without being in your building. The right security is crucial.
  • Monitor
    You do not want to be watching your network 24/7 but sometimes you need to understand what is going on in your network, but you always want a system to monitor and report any strange activity.
  • Experience
    Technology can be great but if the user experience is poor. The solution has not been designed to your requirements.

3Sixty Networks survey design and install solutions from HP, Meru, Lancom Cisco and Netgear.

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