Keep your System healthy, keep your business wealthy...

It's no secret that your telephone system encompasses one of the most important areas of your business. It allows you a port of communication with your customers and is integral to the day to day running of your business. 

Now, imagine just one day without your telephones...

What impact would this have on your business??

Great Maintenance Packages for your business...

3Sixty Networks offer various levels of system maintenance support, to suit your business requirements, whatever your budget.

Forget the myth that telephone system maintenance is expensive or unnecessary. One engineer call-out could easily outweigh the cost of our annual protection, so chances are, we will save you money!

Ultimately, if the worst did happen...
Could you really afford to be without communication to your customers??

"How can my business benefit from Maintenance cover?"

Our systems maintenance service, offer many benefits:

  • Budgeting - Maintenance will help you to budget your telephone operating costs, so if a major outage does occur, your maintenance plan will cover you.
  • Priority Response Times - By having a preferred customer status you will receive 1st class response times for services and engineering call outs, as well as priority queuing.
  • Annual Inspection Visit - 3Sixty NetworksCommunications will provide you with an annual maintenance check to ensure your telephone system runs smoothly all year round.


Ultimately, the main benefit that a maintenance package can offer your business, is...

Peace of Mind.

Knowing that you have a reliable maintenance plan gives you the assurance that if the worst was to happen, your phones will be up and running again quickly and without the costly repair bills.

So, ask yourself...

"Can I afford to be without telephone system maintenance?"

Contact 3Sixty Networks today on 02890183360 and give your business peace of mind!

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