IT Services

Technology is evolving, and so are we

We’ve been offering IT Services for a while but you probably didn’t know about it. You could say it’s our best kept secret. Until now.

We’ve listened to our customers, and, due to the convergence of IT and telecommunications,3Sixty Networks is changing to provide a more comprehensive suite of solutions to its customers. Now, not only will we look after your end-to-end communications and connectivity needs, but we’ll be your managed service provider, and take care of the following:

Back up and disaster recovery:

So if we have torrential flooding again which ruined countless offices this year, you can concentrate on building that ark and not worrying you’ve lost your work. Your documents will be hosted in the cloud. It sounds rather mystical but it just means you’ll be able to access documents from home or when you’re on the go, and they’re backed up automatically.

Antivirus and security:

Peace of mind that your computer and documents are protected from viruses, malware and the latest breed of cyber-thieves.

EPOS IT Support:

Any time you experience a problem with your equipment, we’ll be there to help. We can monitor your equipment 24/7 to pre-empt any faults that may arise and fix things remotely so they’re repaired as quickly as possible. We’ll be your IT superheroes.

Hosted email and cloud services:

We all know how awful it can be when email systems go down. And they do. Often. We’ll be able to look after this for you so it’s constantly up and running.


No more shopping around for computers, laptops and tablets, we’ll supply you with the best machines for your business. They’ll have one of the newer operating systems (Windows 7) as well as your favourite software pre-installed. We can supply printers too, and then monitor printers remotely to check when your toner is running low so you won’t have to worry about ordering cartridges, they’ll arrive for when you need them.

We already know our existing customers and their needs so it makes sense to extend our offering and further help our customers’ businesses. Plus it makes sense for our customers to have all of their communications and IT equipment with one provider who understands the majority of customer needs.
As a limited introductory offer, we’ll start by performing a free IT audit of your equipment, discovering what you already have (hardware, software, storage and even the unthinkable: viruses), and identifying your needs. Once all of your systems are up and running, you’ll receive a single monthly bill with all the costs broken down so you can see exactly what you’re getting.
If you’re interested in receiving more information and joining us on 3Sixty Network’s journey of evolution, leave us your details in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

You can rely on 3Sixty Networks for all your communication and IT needs – we’ve got it covered.

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